There are various kinds of 10 digital frames


There are various kinds of 10 digital frames on our website. If you want to buy a best 10 digital frame, you are sure to find the one you like from our products.


All of our 10 digital frames deals have adopted 10.1 inch TFT LCD screens, which are in 16:9 ratio and have 1024*600 pixels. These high definition best digital picture frames with wide screens are perfect for playing videos with great clarity. There are also 10.2 inch and 10.4 inch screens existed on digital frame market for 10 inch frames. Their display resolutions are 800*480 pixels and 640*480 pixels, respectively, much lower than the resolution of our 10.1 inch screens.


Plus, all of our frames are capable of showing pictures not only in JPEG, but also in BMP and GIF. They can also support playing music in MP3 and WMA, as well as playing videos in AVI, MPG, MPEG-1 and MPEG-4. All of them can even support playing background music while having photo slideshow.



If you would like to buy a 10 digital frame that can be mounted on the wall, all of our frames except 101107B are wall mountable, although with only one hook for horizontal mounting. You can also find a cable lock hook on the back of our 10 inch frames and it can ensure the safety of the frames.


If you prefer a nice designed 10 digital frame, 101107B would be your best 10 digital frame. It is slim and portable. Unlike other 10 digital frames on our website that are all in traditional black or white design, this black frame is in classical design with the clear acrylic border. Also, it has the glossy front, so do 101027B/W, which makes the frame a better decoration. Its metal bracket can be sticked by inside magnet. 101037B/W have the same metal brackets, while theirs can not be sticked.


If you love to enjoy videos on 10 digital frames, than all of our 10 digital frames except 101107B are the best you can find. It is because they can support HD videos playback up to 960*600 pixels at 29.97 fps.


If you like a 10 inch battery operated digital frame, 101027BL/WL will be your best choice. They are the largest digital frames with rechargeable lithium polymer batteries on our website.



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