The Dolphin mp3 is a waterproof mp3


The Dolphin mp3 is a waterproof mp3 device mainly designed for swimmers, and individuals who like to spend their time in sauna or hot tub center. This digital mp3 player  can be use even when its submerged underwater since it is 100 percent water-resistant. It is also a perfect portable gadget for people who are into aquatic activities and use a lot of their time swimming or exercising in different water environment.

The aluminum body in which the Dolphin MP3 gadget is created with, contribute to its lightweight and all around robustness. It comes with two orange straps to attach the device to you swimming goggles. Although these orange straps are made of strong rubber material, it is suggested to use them with care, as there are no extra ones to interchange them if they fall apart.

The cylindrical shape and streamline design of the Dolphin underwater gadget will enable any swimmers to place the device securely on the back of their swim cap. This mp3 player is equipped with 5 control buttons which are located on the peripheral region of the device. The central navigation controller consists of the power switch as well as the play and pause buttons. Since some of switches are located on the external circular region that is about 20 millimeter in diameter, it might make it difficult for individuals with large fingers to control some of the navigation buttons on the gadget.

It is generally assumed that waterproof mp3 players won't have any kind of LED window as they are meant to be use in water environment. But the manufacturer of the Dolphin mp3 gadget strived to solve this issue by adding a solitary LED display that can describe the status of the gadget even while it is submerged underwater.

When you assess the cylindrical shape of this mp3 device you will discover the LED window is strategically placed on the reverse surface of the 2.5 millimeters audio connector. This way the user can keep press the navigation buttons without blocking the LED display.

The Dolphin mp3 is manufactured into 128 megabytes, 256 megabytes, 512 megabytes, 1 gigabytes, and 2 gigabytes of memory. The model with a single gigabyte of memory capacity is more than sufficient to offer hours of good music in the swimming pool.


The manufacturer also boasted that their Dolphin waterproof mp3 player provides 8 hours of nonstop music thanks to the the rechargeable Polymer Lithium Ion battery found inside. It will take about 1 hour to completely recharge the empty battery from the beginning. And like any other electronic devices, their batteries should be charged completely before using it for the very first time.


When I finally bought this waterproof mp3 gadget I went directly to the swimming pool so I can use it immediately. I realized that wearing this device for the very first time took a while to prepare since I wanted to make sure that the earphones are attached on the device securely and that the mp3 player is tightly secure on my swimming goggles. But with practice, I will be able to attach this gadget on my swimming goggles in no time.


The Dolphin waterproof mp3 device comes with two pairs of headphones. There is a waterproof headphones that can be worn in the water and the other pair can be worn for non-aquatic activities such as running or exercising. You will notice that the feeling of vacuum seal forming between your ears and the earphones will occur when you put them on. This vacuum seal will ensure that water will not plug your ears and interrupt the flow of music. Additionally, there are two plastic clippers that can be use to attach the earphone cords securely on my goggle straps to prevent the headphones from coming out of my ears while I'm swimming.


According to the maker of this device, the mp3 player can be submerged as deep as 1 meter underwater and it will still provide excellent and quality sound. What this means that the quality of music that it can produce is very high even when you listen to the music underwater. Adjusting the volume of the mp3 device from low to medium level is more than sufficient to perceive and appreciate your music in the swimming pool.


Besides the 2 pairs of great sounding earbuds that came with the Dolphin mp3 player, in the package you will also get a USB cable that will connect the device to your laptop so that you can transfer your music, an extension cord adapter for 2.5 millimeters headphone jack, and a 3.5 millimeter stereo headphone jacks.


In conclusion, the Dolphin MP3 player is an ideal music device that you can use in the swimming pool so that you can listen to your music while you swim. This music device comes in five varieties of memory capacity. But, the 1 gigabytes of memory is more than enough to bring many of your favorite mp3 music with you. It also comes with two rubber straps that can be use to attach the music player to your swimming goggles so you don't have to hold the device in your hand while your in the water.

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