Talk about medical scale accessories

In this post of mine, I’m going to talk about medical Scale accessorieslike height rods, wheels, and counterweights. If you need any of the above accessories, read on to find more. Usually the gradations marked on your height rod stay long, but after some years they become invisible. So, you have to replace it with a new one. 

At Wholesale Point, height measuring systems are available for Tanita, Seca, HealthOMeter, and Detecto fitness scales. What a medical professional or any health-conscious person would look for in a stadiometer is its accuracy and reliability. That is exactly what you will find in the products sold by Wholesale Point. 

Tanita HR 200 wall mountable height rods are suitable for scales and body composition analyzers. Seca 202, 216, 220, 222, 223, and 240 are mechanical telescopic measuring rods. If you are looking for a digital version from Seca, then model 242 is an ideal choice. Portrod plastic wall-mountable height rods from HealthOMeter are lightweight devices that can easily be carried anywhere.

Detecto 3PHTrod 1 height measuring equipment can be used with physician scales.Model number 3 of Detecto 3PHTrod are suitable for all waist-high digital scales except for models 8430 and 8431. The Detecto 4PHTrod-2 height rods are built to fit with all Detecto waist-high mechanical scales except for model 080.

Wheels in digital medical scales are likely to get damaged soon. They have to be changed regularly for effortless mobility. HealthOMeter wheels are suitable for beam scale models: 400KL, 402LB, and 402KL; digital scale models: 592KLS-01, 751KLS-01, and 591KLS-01.

Detecto 3PWHL scale wheels are designed to be used with all eye-level physician scales and the 8430 and 8437 waist-high scales. To increase the capacity of your HealthOMeter balance beam scales, you need counterweights. Both 100 lb and 150 lb counterweights are available with hooks on poise bar.

You will find more information on health management software, adaptors, printers, thermal paper rolls, and weight scale carrying cases in my next post.

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