Do you want to have your own MP4 player?


Do you want to have your own MP4 player? OK! Today, I will present a new type of MP4 player – 8GB 1.8 Inch LCD TFT Color Display MP4 Players. I think you will like it after reading my description.

Now, just image you have a best mp4 player  I mentioned just now.

First, you can fully enjoy in music, movies and JPEG pictures with the 1.8” TFT color LCD, which will bring you exciting moments. While listening to the music you can also read the lyrics by the function of ID3 supported. The large internal memory, 8GB, which enable you to save many things you like. FM radio is supported, and it will bring you more enjoyment. If you want to record some important voice, it is possible for 8 hours digital voice recording and VOX recording. As our MP4 products are sold all over the world, it supports multi-language system on manual: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Denmark, Czech, Polish, Russian, Turkish. It also had repeat function, such as repeat A-B, normal, repeat all, random. USB 2.0 specification supporting and long time playback and rechargeable lithium battery through USB /AC charger will bring you more convenience, so as No driver needed under Windows ME, 2000,XP or above(except win98). You can choose different colors in your MP4 Player as you like, such as silver, pink, black, blue, green, red. As to after sales service, we ensure our consumers 1 year warranty.



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