Aliment cadre use a screwdriver


Electric car array lock was rusted, and the key to how accessible are accessible not open, the next how would you do? Smashed with a hammer? Or electric cars are in flames? If the aliment agents of a blow with a screwdriver to open, you will Zuoheganxiang?

Recently, Mr. Shen Jinzhou humans to change their own electric car food electric car battery. Remove the array at the time, Mr. Shen encountered problems like blight array lock lived, Mr. Shen is aswell accessible with the key does not accessible how to open. In an electric car aliment agents to advice again came up asked: «Are you out of this array has never been right? Cylinders blight absolutely lived! Let me come!»

Carter, that aliment cadre use a screwdriver to acclaim blow Jiuba a lock to open. Then, he began to change from the array quick and neat. Insight into this scene, Mr. Shen was abashed by «the lock too do not fly it! Key yet screwdriver accessible ah?!»

Aliment cadre accept a shrug, «Now body electric car array lock, mostly go by! Actually yield a ache a screwdriver to open! Swearing, the things we apperceive to advertise electric cars, array electric cars baseborn in the apperceive, you ride on electric cars do not know. Otherwise, bandy the array ye so much? „The aliment agents aswell told Mr. Shen, If you absolutely wish to own electric car array assurance point, it is best to bond a lock, accepted should strengthen aegis awareness, or just a adventitious of theft, not a abstruse issue.

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